• Teen Drug Abuse : What drugs are abused by teenagers? MedicineNet.com, 5/9/2014
    In addition to alcohol, common categories of drugs of abuse include the following: Tobacco products (for example, cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco) Cannabinoids (for example, marijuana, hashish), sometimes called "pot, weed, Mary Jane, or herb" and is smoked in a "joint," "blunt," "bong," "backwood," or pipe Cold medications (for example, chlorpheniramine and pseudoephedrine [Sudafed], diphenhydramine [Benadryl] Read more
  • High School Students Carrying Weapons Child Trends, August 2014
    As of 2013, nearly three in ten high school males reported they carried weapons (such as a gun, knife, or club) in the past 30 days. .... Nonfatal injuries associated with firearms, in particular, occurred among 15- to 19-year-olds at a rate of 53 per 100,000 in 2012. And firearms were the sixth leading cause of unintentional death in 2011...... Read more
  • Identity Theft Statistics: 15 million victims a year
    Approximately 15 million United States residents have their identities used fraudulently each year with financial losses totaling upwards of $50 billion.* ...... Read more
  • DrugFacts: High School and Youth Trends National Institute on Drug Abuse, December 2014
    ..... the survey highlighted growing concerns over the high rate of e-cigarette use and softening of attitudes around some types of drug use, particularly decreases in perceived harm and disapproval of marijuana use...... Read more
  • The 10 Most Ridiculous "Dangerous Teen Trends" , By Lauren Otis.
    Eyeballing : To ingest, the "drinker" effectively thrusts the bottle into their eye and pours the liquid into it, which gets absorbed into the system through the mucus membrane. ......
    Read more
  • Teen Drug Abuse Statistics
    Almost 40% of high school students admit to drinking within the past month. Marijuana is also frequently abused by teens. In 2011, about 40% of high school students had admitted to ever using marijuana. About 7% of high school seniors admit to using it every day. In 2013, about 25% of high school students admitted to smoking cigarettes or using other tobacco products in the past month. In 2013, about 1 in 4 high school seniors admitted to getting drunk in the past month. Alcohol, marijuana, and tobacco are the substances most commonly abused by teens. Read more
  • 7 dangerous teen trends : By Lauren Shanley
    High school alcohol and drug use is on the decline, But older kids are finding dangerous ways to push boundaries. Here are 7 of the most frightening teen trends. ...... Read more
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Protecting Children from Cyberbullying The parents of a pre-teen girl notice that she seems more withdrawn and quiet than usual. They ask Lola if anything’s wrong, but she just shrugs her shoulders and says, “Leave me alone.” One day, they see her crying in front of her laptop and decide to take matters into their own hands. The parents search online for possible reasons for her change in behavior and discover something called “cyberbullying.” According to an eye-opening statistics, they learn that only 10% of parents are even aware that their child is being cyber-bullied. In order to protect her, they install Alvosenet and record the harassing chats on their daughter’s social media websites for evidence and take it to the appropriate authorities to solve the problem. Now Lola is back to cheerful, energetic self with her bullies gone, thanks to Alvosenet.

Monitoring Teens and Identifying Risky Behaviors The Lees bought a new computer for their teenage son, Tony, and decided to install Alvosenet Parental Control on it for their son’s safety. Since they were afraid that Tony will be peer pressured into drinking or doing drugs, they configured the software to monitor and block specific online activities using keywords such as marijuana, beer and cigarettes. A few days later, they received a security report showing that Tony was searching on how to use marijuana. Alvosenet Parental Control recorded the searches and related web pages he browsed and sent a security report to his parents. The security enabled the Lees to be proactive with Tony’s situation before it became something more serious.

Protecting Teens from Inappropriate Content Online Justin has just started using computer for his schoolwork in middle school. His parents are worried that he would be tempted into checking out inappropriate adult websites while doing research online. However, since the family computer is in the study, they are not able to control the content he browses all the time. And one day, they saw that while Justin was doing research for his History assignment, a porn website popped up. It made them concerned about the consequences of Justin being exposed to these websites. After talking to their family counselor, Justin’s parents decided to install Alvosenet Parental Control to prevent their teenage son from stumbling upon inappropriate content online.

Limiting Online Activities to Protect Young Children Jerry is in 1st grade and his parents have just started allowing him to play on their family computer. He loves playing online games after coming home from school. However in the beginning, his mother had to sit beside him every time he plays, as she is scared that he might try out inappropriate, unrated games or accidentally access unsafe websites which could be harmful to him and their computer. After doing a little research on parental control software, she decided to install Alvosenet Parental Control to control which games he can play and to block file downloads, searches and websites with her choice of keywords, and more. Knowing that with Alvosenet limiting Jerry’s online activities his mother can now let him play online without her constant supervision.

Blocking Dangerous Websites and Chats Mr. and Mrs. Johnson heard that a new online chat website has become popular among Jenny’s classmates. It allowed users to chat with strangers through text and webcam, which worries them as Jenny is only 16 years old. They forbid her from going on the website but are not capable of monitoring her personal laptop. Jenny continued chatting on the website secretly. After a while, she started developing a friendship with one of them and started sharing personal information. Her parents were not aware of this dangerous behavior until one day they caught her chatting online. They decided to install Alvosenet to block the website, remotely monitor Jenny’s laptop, and keep her safe online from potential predators.

What Alvosenet can do?
Block Security Risks Disable websites, online search, social networks, etc. to avoid damage.
Monitor Security Concerns Record web browsing, online search, emails and social networks.
Match Security Keywords Focus on security keywords for your specific security concerns.
Report Security Issues Alert security issues for online activities matching security keywords.
Manage Security Tasks Update keywords, select options, and retrieve reports for ease of use.
Configure Security Options Customize security operations based on your particular security needs.
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