Why Choose Alvosenet? Distinguishing Features Not Matched by Other Products
Security Keyword Matching for Specific Security Concerns Alvosenet uses keyword matching to monitor and block targeted web pages. This unique feature enables parents to address specific security concerns by entering their security keywords.
Configuration Options to Customize Security Needs Alvosenet offers customization to your specific security needs, allowing parents to select security options depending on the child’s age and to address your personal concerns and preferences.

What can Alvosenet do?
Block Security Risks Disable websites, online search, social networks, etc. to avoid damage.
Monitor Security Concerns Record web browsing, online search, emails and social networks.
Match Security Keywords Focus on security keywords for your specific security concerns.
Report Security Issues Alert security issues for online activities matching security keywords.
Manage Security Tasks Update keywords, select options, and retrieve reports for ease of use.
Configure Security Options Customize security operations based on your particular security needs.
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